FilipinoCupid – The complete review

Filipino Cupid is currently the biggest dating website in the Philippines, and it’s also the best of its kind. Pinalove is not bad either, and I recommend you sign up for it as well, but I also think you might waste your time.

This website is not even comparable to the one we’re talking about, in terms of how many high quality girls you will find. If you base your search on girls between the ages of 18 and 35, you will find 2300 active profiles in the last month only.

FilipinoCupid, the Filipino dating website

This means that the website is constantly active, and that the girls are actively looking for foreigners. Given how many girls are on it, the quality of the girls on Filipino Cupid is surprisingly good.

Not only is the average probably a bit better than Pinalove, but there are more girls who are above average, thanks to the number of users. This review of Filipino Cupid will show you that it is the best website in the world to find a girl to sleep with.

Since it is the largest dating website in the Philippines, you will obviously have a lot of competition. Even though girls often are the first ones to send you messages, you’ll need to send more customized messages to more people.

Don’t be discouraged, this website is much better than its competitors. My first piece of advice is to opt for the paid version in order to receive more messages.

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Thanks to this version, you can send as many messages as you want, to every single girl, and then you just need to wait for their replies. After all, it’s all about getting the best possible results.

Fake Accounts on FilipinoCupid – Is it a scam?

Filipino Cupid doesn’t have a lot of fake accounts. However, that is not true of its competitors, and I have heard that some other Asian dating websites are subject to fairly serious scams.

That is why I write these reviews: I make sure that I conduct an honest and fair analysis of every website I have used, so that you can avoid scams.

Don’t be fooled by scams found on other websites. On Filipino Cupid, there are still a few fake profiles, but if you use your common sense, you can easily spot them.

Since this website has a lot of members, it must be difficult to moderate everything, but I think the moderators are doing a great job. It is almost impossible to find fake profiles, since there are few of them.

If you find one, simply report it to the website’s support system and they will take care of it quickly.

It goes without saying that you have to register on every website you find, in order to have the best chance of finding the girl (or girls) you want.

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FilipinoCupid: Paid or free version?

There is no doubt in my mind that you should choose the PAID version. I know it’s not ideal, but I really do think it is the best solution.

If you don’t have the paid version, you will be limited in the number of messages you can send.

Your profile also appears lower down in the results, and it can’t be seen by many girls unless you message them first. If I’m not mistaken (it’s true that I haven’t used this website in a few months, given that I’m now back in Thailand), you can’t contact paying members if you’re not one of them.

You can also send messages to the girls who have contacted you, but most of them are non-paying members, so they can’t do this.

I highly recommend choosing the Gold or Platinum option. I normally opt for the Platinum version as it is the best value for money. The worst thing that could happen to you would be to run out of money in the middle of a conversation! Actually, I have a horrible story about that, but I’ll tell you about it some other time. It’s not worth squandering your chances on account of a few dollars a month.

It will cost you less to find such a girl online (depending on your style) than to go a nice date in your home country. If you live in abundance, your life will be better.


  • Unlimited messaging
  • Advanced search function
  • The best way to find a girlfriend!
  • The easiest way in the world to find a sexual partner


  • Very limited search functions
  • You can only send messages to girls WHO ARE PAYING MEMBERS (this never happens).
  • Girls think you are poor (that is a very bad thing in Asia)
  • Just like on any other dating website, you need to put at least three good pictures of yourself, and add a description that indicates the country you come from. If you’re good-looking enough, you’ll get a lot of messages from girls.

Everyone should obviously give themselves the best possible odds, because the girls do so. If you’re a little older, there are girls who probably won’t send you messages, but I know you’re smart guys!

Go ahead and send 50 messages in one day, and don’t forget to personalize each girl’s message.

Do as I did, and register on two or three websites before arriving in the country. This allows you to have a wide selection of girls and to choose who you want to date, and in what order you want to do it.

Good luck, we’ll see each other soon!

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